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Drugs & Crime


by Stacey OIiver


As Leadership Ballarat Western Region’s 2018 program draws to a close, the group explored the impacts of drugs and alcohol on the community.

Participants were fortunate to have experts from Ballarat Community Health present a wealth of experience in the alcohol and other drugs field as part of a recent LBWR program day.

These experts have worked with many people who have battled addiction and made positive changes in their lives in order to overcome their addiction, get their lives back on track and work towards an improved future.

Participants listened to some personal accounts of addiction and the impact it has not only on their lives, but also on those of close family and friends.

We also learned that family and friends often struggle with their loved one’s decisions and want to be able to understand and better support them, but they often don’t know how.

There are initiatives like the Ballarat Community Health Make a Change (MAC) program that are there to support people when they are ready to break the cycle of addiction.

There is indeed help available for you and your loved ones, so reach out. For more information, phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500.

In the afternoon, program participants explored the concept of philanthropy.

The Ballarat Foundation explained that philanthropy is the “love of mankind.”

Doing good for others appeals to people and we do that through donating our time or our funds, or both.

LBWR18 put our philanthropy creative hats on to develop some solutions to social issues that are important to us as community leaders.

We presented our ideas Shark Tank-style, with a solution to youth justice housing getting the most votes.

In an effort to raise awareness and much-needed funds to address the issue of food security in Ballarat and surrounds, program participants were also urged to get involved with Ballarat Foundation's Run for a Cause.

Funds raised from this event will go towards supporting several important food security projects in Ballarat.

The event will takes place on Sunday, November 18