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June 26 & 27: Mid-year Review

Program days put leaders on path to change


By Stuart Birkin and Suzanne Blair 


LBWR19 held two program days last week, bringing together the efforts of several local organisations, community groups and rising leaders in our region. Program days for LBWR participants deepen learning and the 26th/27th June was a great example of how collaboration can lead to positive changes at all levels.

I guess there are many of us that have always had a desire to just lay it on the line and tell our boss what we really think of them once and for all! For Leadership Ballarat participants, that was kind of what unfolded on Wednesday 26th June at Ballarat Golf Club.

Around 210 responses were collected for each LBWR19 participant, by a Life Styles Inventory (LSI) organisational tool. Using both self-assessment and colleague feedback, individual thinking and behaviour styles were identified. Data was dissected and used to paint the story of individual management styles, according to colleagues as a collective.

After digesting a few home truths, the group of local leaders workshopped the findings to establish personal goals that focused on how to become the leaders we aspire to be. Throughout the day, individual one to one coaching sessions with Garry Trotter assisted participants to unpack the LSI findings and take action to improve leadership effectiveness.

As emerging leaders in our region, we are encouraged to collaborate, listen and advocate for causes and organisations that enact positive change. On Thursday 26th of June LBWR19 participants were part of an initiative that combined all these actions; with the generous support of Haymes Paint, Sovereign Hill, and the Hugh Williamson Foundation, local Artist Donna Saunders lead the LBWR19 group in creating an art installation benefiting the Darley Community House, Moorabool Shire Council and the local schools and residents they represent.

Hosted within the beautiful grounds of Narmbool in Elaine, we worked together to paint, interpret and replicate the artwork of Darley children onto Totem poles to be used in a new community playground project. The results were amazing and paid tribute to the creativity of Darley's youngest community members.

The group also shared the history of Narmbool through both a historical tour and walking tour of traditional Wadarung country. In looking back on both colonial history and that of the traditional owners of the land, we were able to reflect of the past, present and future sustainability of the beautiful rural landscape.