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When: Monday, September 25 - Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

Where: Federation University Arts Academy, Ballarat.

Tickets: $450 adult ($350 LIA), and $275 concession ($175 LIA)



If you’re like most people, you probably feel self-conscious or anxious presenting to an audience. Whether you are an academic, a professional presenter or working in a corporate or business environment, discover how these simple techniques can help you to relax, yet empower you to have impact.

In the two-day Vocaleze course, you will benefit from three intensive workshops where you will be guided through the steps in exploring the connections between thoughts and emotions and how we use our body and voices to communicate. The course is delivered by respected Federation University Arts Academy lecturer in voice Julianne Eveleigh and esteemed actors and vocal coaches Margaret Mills and Rob Meldrum.

Workshop with Julianne Eveleigh

Learn to cooperate with your human design and use your entire system to support your voice. Simple techniques will be explored that encourage easy breath, free movement and flexibility.

Workshop with Rob Meldrum

Learn to speak truthfully and honestly, finding direct connection to emotional impulses; to be able to bring images and ideas to vibrant life and colour through firm and resonant vocal connection; to understand how to comfortably support the speaking voice and to understand how to remain present and alive in the moment when presenting and speaking.

Workshop with Margaret Mills

Learn strategies to structure your content to reach your audience, including strong beginnings and endings and honing your storytelling. With simple exercises, you will practise moving easily between the different parts of your presentation, keeping confident contact with your audience.

Workshop ‘Putting it all together'

Participants will have the opportunity to road test their new skills in a relaxed and friendly environment with feedback from the workshop coaches.