Sponsors have the opportunity to partner with LBWR to inspire our community. They


Angela Carey
Past general manager and editor, The Courier

Why does The Courier sponsor LBWR and support participants in the program?
The Courier has always believed that in order for our business to be strong, our community needs to be strong. LBWR is just one way we can assist build on the strengths that already exist in our region. It is important that, as a community, we foster and develop aspiring leaders to ensure they are best placed to play leading community roles in whatever it is they go on to do beyond LBWR.

What benefits do you think the LBWR participants and Leaders in Action bring to the community?
The participants in the program come from a broad range of backgrounds. This diversity is essential in meeting the many and varied roles that are "community leadership.

How does community leadership relate to the vision of your organisation?
We want to be part of a strong and vibrant community. For this to happen, we need to do our bit to ensure we have people in the community who are ready to stand up and play a leading role.